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Our company SC DETROIT CITY IMPORT EXPORT SRL has the following identification data: CIF - RO 6536548, CC - J19/1104/1994 and operates at the following address: Ditrău, str. Mureşului, nr. 104, Harghita County, Romania. Tel.: +40 266 364 026

The company has a share capital of 500,000 lei and was established on December 14, 1994, having as single associate, Mr. Györgydeák József.

Let's talk about statistics

The company has the ability to process roughly 600 cubic meters of lumber in the woodworking workshop per month. The company mainly produces the following types of products: balcony elements, standard folding supports and profiled folding supports, NIKA shelving system, resin flooring and flooring, sandboxes, fruit boxes, woodcutters, garden furniture as well as other produced according to the requirements of our customers. Some of our fotos you can find attached to this email. In the last 2 years our company achieved the following turnover: 2016 - 8,099,544 lei; 2017 - 8,782,844 lei.

Below we present a brief history of our society from the moment of its foundation until today.


Our company was established in 1994 and is a Romanian private capital company that operates in the field of wood processing. In the beginning, the company was more active in the field of primary wood processing, buying logs from the State and Private Forest Stations, for its own sawmills, and then sold the timber to different customers on the domestic and foreign markets. Considering the fact that the wood market in Romania grew every year, more and more opportunities emerged both in the sale of timber and woodworking of different carpentry products. The company therefore decided to increase its activity so that between 2001-2003 it put into operation a carpentry workshop and purchased two timber dryers with a capacity of 60 cubic meters each. Considering the fact that the wood products market has grown more and more, the company purchased in 2014 the third dryer with a drying capacity of 90 cubic meters and in 2016 put into operation the second workshop of carpentry due to the increased demand for products from our main external customers in Germany, Italy and France. At present, to meet the requirements of our internal and external customers, the company owns two saws, a ribbon saw and a circular cutting machine for the production of timber; has 3 dryers with a total drying capacity of about 210 cubic meters per cycle, two woodworking workshops. Due to these equipments the company has a monthly capacity of about 2000 m3 of logs / month, a drying capacity of about 1,050 m3 of timber per month and a timber processing capacity of 800 m3 / month. The company also owns TAFs and logging machines, so it can do its own exploitation. At present, our company has 85 employees.


In addition to fresh and dried softwood timber, our company also produces in the carpentry the following products: wine racks and shelves, fruit boxes, sandboxes, folding stands, balcony elements, woodcutters, wainscots and resinous flooring and other products according to our customers’ requests.


The raw material is ensured by purchasing resinous round wood from the Forest Hills and purchasing Ukrainian resinous timber. The main product market made by our company in the carpentry workshops is Germany, and the company to which we deliver some of our products is Hornbach.


Our company is certified in the field of sustainable wood development with FSC® (FSC-C114742) certification, as well as a certificate of attestation of the manufacturers in the furniture industry.

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